Aikido Seminar in Austin, Texas

Sensei Ross Robertson will be leading a free seminar at the Still Point Aikido Center in Austin, Texas on March 28 - 29, 2009. More details on the event page.

19 MAR 2009 - posted by Webmeister

Welcome to the Stillness of Spirit Aikido Dojo Webpage!


Aikido is a Japanese martial art often refered to as the Art of Peace. It was created by Morihei Ueshiba, who is known as O'Sensei, meaning the great teacher. There are many, many books and on-line resources on the subject of Aikido, but in brief, it is an art (indeed, a way of life) that helps us learn to harmonize with and bring order to chaos. The goal of Aikido is not to distroy an enemy, but rather to control a situation. The ultimate goal of Aikido has been said to be learning true control of one's self.

Bill Sosa Sensei taught the art of Aikido for many years in Dallas, Texas and eventually opened a branch dojo in Fort Worth. Since that time, we have found ourselves in many different locations around the city, and under different affiliations. Sosa Sensei began his studies under Isao Takahashi and Koichi Tohei, and later affiliated with Rod Kobayashi and Seidokan Aikido. In 1995, Sosa Sensei founded the International Aikido Association (IAA) which he lead until he passed away in 2002.

Today, while no longer affiliated with IAA, we continue to honor and cherish Sosa Sensei's memory. In our classes, we encourage a sense of community; everyone helping and everyone learning, regardless of rank or skill level. Please come and join us!